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  • – Neuro, Meet & Match Workshop – Postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic

    Due to the current active pandemic situation, the workshop originally scheduled on October 2nd is postponed to a later date, which will be soon communicated.

    The Junior Board of the BSN is thrilled to launch its first « Neuro, Meet & Match » workshop!

    This event will be the first interactive workshop to connect Belgium-based young neuroscientists from different disciplines from Molecular to Cognitive Neuroscience, and geographical regions from the docks of Antwerp to the slopes of Liège. We prepared a one-day program dedicated to promote exchanges and networking, and energize research ideas and creativity among the Neuroscience student community.

    We will have datablitz presentations and neurodating sessions split in topics of your choice and interests. We will also have two plenary sessions with a keynote lecture and career advice interactive session with coffee breaks, lunch and cocktail to further connect.

    The interactive sessions and matches will be determined based on abstracts and keywords selected in your registration, so please take the time of carefully selecting them. Your choice will pattern the content of the day!

    More information for date and registration coming soon