BSN Junior Board

Goals of the BSN Junior Board

• Connect young researchers in the field of neuroscience across Belgium
• Help young researchers to find collaborations or a nice place to discuss
• Represent each Belgian university

Activities of the BSN Junior Board

  • Neuro, Meet & Match: annual event organized by the BSN Junior Board for Belgium-based young neuroscientists. It consists in one-day program dedicated to promote exchanges and networking, and energize research ideas and creativity among the Neuroscience student community
  • Brain & Beers: meet your colleagues across the country to talk about neuroscience
  • Any idea ? Propose to the BSN Junior Board !

Members of the BSN Junior Board

Gamze Ates, Postdoctoral fellow
Neuro-Aging | Aging, cognition, metabolism, mitochondria

Whitney Stee, PhD Candidate (FNRS)
Cognitive neuroscience | Sleep & memory, neuroimaging methods
Alejandra Caceres-Chavez, Postdoctoral fellow (FNRS)
Cognitive neuroscience | Basal Ganglia, habitual memory, motor learning

Giulia Liberati (FNRS)
Systems neuroscience | Pain perception, intracerebral and scalp EEG,
Delia Della Porta, PhD Candidate (PDR-FNRS)
Cognitive Neuroscience | Central sensitization to pain & attentional processes
Nuria Ruiz Reig, Post-doc (FNRS)
Developmental Neurobiology | Cortical development

Jana Desloovere, PhD Candidate (FWO)
Systems neuroscience | Epilepsy, neuromodulation, EEG, animal models, chemogenetics

Tamara Vasilkovska
Systems Neuroscience | Large-scale brain networks, Huntington’s Disease mouse model, MRI, immunohistochemistry

Serena Reverberi, PhD Candidate
Cognitive neuroscience | Sleep and motor memory
Vonne van Polanen, Post-doctoral fellowship (FWO)
Behavioural Neuroscience & brain stimulation | Human motor control, perception

Melissa Schepers PhD Candidate (FWO)
Molecular Biology | Second messengers, multiple sclerosis
Assia Tiane, PhD Candidate (FWO)
Neuroepigenetics and CNS repair
Lieve Van Vegel, PhD Candidate (FWO)
Molecular microbiologyOxidative stress

Sandra Invernizzi, PhD Candidate (FNRS)
Neuropsychology and cognitive psychology | Aging, cognition, semantic memory, executive function, Alzheimer, depression

Kathleen Jacquerie, PhD Candidate (FNRS)
Computational neuroscienceSleep-dependent memory consolidation