BSN Supervisory Board

President 2019-2020

Prof. Dr. Alban de Kerchove d’Exaerde, ULB
Basal Ganglia, Limbic system, Motor learning, Motivation, Reward, Operant behaviors, Psychiatric diseases, Transgenic mice, Optogenetic

Secretary 2019-2020

Prof. Dr. Julie Duque, UCL
How cognition shapes motor activity to guide behaviour – transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography


Prof. Dr. Dimitri De Bundel
Neurotransmitter and neuropeptide modulation of circuits and behavior in stress-related psychiatric disorders
Prof. Dr. Anne Massie
Glutamate transporters in healthy and diseased CNS

Prof. Dr. Wim Fias
Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology orders
Prof. Dr. Robrecht Raedt
Neuromodulation in epilepsy: including neurostimulation, cell therapy, gene therapy, optogenetics and chemogenetics

Prof. Dr. Laurence Ris
Mechanisms of memory, synaptic plasticity, electrophysiology
Prof. Dr. Laurent Lefebvre
Understanding of language and executive mechanisms focused on the behaviour of people with cognitive impairments

Prof. Dr. Lut Arkens
Circuit, cellular and molecular  basis of neuroplasticity upon vision loss
Prof. Dr. Stephan Swinnen
Movement control and neuroplasticity
Prof. Dr. Rufin Vogels
Neural processes underlying visual cognition

Prof. Dr. Julie Bakker
Neuroendocrine and genetic mechanisms underlying the sexual differentiation of the brain
Prof. Dr. Steve Majerus
CRC In vivo Imaging-Cognitive Neurosciences, Psychologie et Neuroscience Cognitives (PsyNCog)
Prof. Dr. Christophe Phillips
Modelling and statistical analysis of neuro-scientific data, with a focus on neuro-imaging and electro-physiology

Prof. Dr. Wim Gevers
Cognitive control, metacognition, mind wandering and numerical cognition
Prof. Dr. Valérie Wittamer
Neuroimmunity, neuroinflammation, microglia and zebrafish

Prof. Dr. Yves Jossin
Mammalian Development and Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Bernard Hanseeuw
Brain imaging in Alzheimer’s disease

Prof. Dr. Sven Hendrix
Neuroimmunologie and neuroregeneration with a special focus on brain trauma and spinal cord injury 
Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel Rigo
Role of neurotransmitters and microglia in development & developmental disorders

Prof. Dr. Vincent Timmerman
Peripheral Neuropathies Group 
Prof. Dr. Georgios A Keliris
Neuromodulation and its role in mechanisms of perception, attention and memory