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Becoming members

The procedure to become a new member of the BSN requires to pay the membership fees, which can be paid online (with PayPal) as well as via bank transfer, according to the reduced rates for a two years membership. When the payment is arrived to the BSN you will be automatically register by us on the FENS website. Note that membership is the sole means to participate to FENS Forum and to the BSN meetings.

Full members:

  • €100/2 years
  • €65/year

Junior members (i.e., PhD students, researchers younger than 30yrs on 1 January of the current year):

  • €50 EUR/2 years
  • €35/year

You can pay by:

Through our new website

or by Bank Transfer in favour of the BSN account, at the ING bank: IBAN: BE29 3101 0822 0764; BIC: BBRUBEBB

Upon successful payment, applicants must then provide a scanned or print-screen copy of the bank transaction or PayPal payment via email to Ms Fabienne Reisen, with subject « BSN: NEW MEMBERSHIP » including full name, academic affiliation, status (e.g., postdoc, PhD student, researcher, etc.), professional address, and most importantly the email address which will be employed for the registration on the FENS website. In fact, such an email address will be the only mean for accessing the website of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) for abstract submissions to the FENS FORUM, as well as for the online full-text free access to the European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN).